The Greatest Pianist in the World!

Why did 10,000 people say I’m awesome?

This past week, I released my baby – a video of a composition I wrote that I knew would be immensely popular.  It garnered 10,000 hits in about 36 hours after it was released.  Titled 6 Variations on a Theme by AWOL Nation, it features some Horowitz-style bravura that even surprised my close friends who were not aware I had reached the upper echelon of technical virtuosity.  Compositionally, I was most satisfied with how I was able to create a syncretism of pop and classical styles from variation to variation – I think it makes it more accessible without sacrificing any artistic integrity.

This past February, I had the idea while in the gym of doing a larger composition similar to what I did in 4 Variations on a Theme by Foster the People.  The thematic materiel seemed to lend itself well in my head.  When I was back home, I hammered out a rough form in about 4 hours, and finished the composition by the end of the month.  (It took me another 3 months to work out my own technical short-comings so I could actually perform the piece!)

In the month prior, I inundated myself in spiritual exploration, which was a deficient area in my faith.  Through lots of prayer and a newly found Christian fellowship group/bible study, change had ensued.  I immediately saw a difference in my work ethic during my practice hours.  Later as I began to compose, ideas flowed freely.  Spiritual confidence it turns out, is paramount in the act of creation.  And of course, that kind of confidence has only a single source: God.

The Public’s acknowledgement that my latest work is awesome definitely feels good, but I’m just writing the notes and pushing the keys.  The credit goes to Him.  “Talent on loan from God,” I think it’s been said…

Watch the video below:

3 Responses

  1. Stephanie Olson says:

    Music and ability. . . fabulous
    Personality. . . unique and very engaging
    Pants. . . awesome, I want some too
    . . . and. . . you’re not bad to look at either . . . :)

  2. Susan says:

    Stephen, you are a perfect combination of your father and your mother, whom I adore. I love watching your videos. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. It is a rare bright spot during dark times.

  3. Wow! I am just awe-struck w/ every video. Your Talent – Your Detail, Timing, Poise, Fun, Vision, such a long list, and the Passion i think I admire possibly the most. Sometimes tears run down my cheek listening while watching your fingers fly across the keys. Just Beautiful. The National Anthem, the way you played, is my absolute favorite. W/ bobble-head falling over, and your smile picking him up. The added touches make your incredibly amazing talent even more enticing! I pray you are inspiring a multitude out there!
    Take a look at my website:, and if you like our pants – i’ll send you a pair!!
    Take Great care of yourself! I hope to watch/listen to you for a kazillion years to come!
    Many Blessings to You!

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