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Rush Limbaugh features my video

The BIG VOICE in radio, and my dear cousin, Rush Limbaugh featured my National Anthem video Tuesday, July 9 during the first hour of his radio program.

The video (see link below) features a G. W. Bush bobble head doll that, because of my bombastic playing falls off during the performance, hitting the keys on the drop to the floor.  I would say that the wrong notes are Bush’s fault, but then I’d sound too much like the current president…

This came as a surprise because I had not informed him that I made this rendition, nor had I asked him to play it on his radio show.  He even compared me to the great Leonard Bernstein!

I think this warrants a couple of remarks.  Rush has been incredibly influential in my life, starting in my teenage years when I had decided that I wanted to make music a career.  The music business is riddled with stories of failure that as Rush once wrote me in an email, “can paint bleak, yet persuasive pictures about why you should not try because failures are numerous.

He went on…

It only makes sense, I know, but listening to people tell you it can’t be done because, as good as they are they still bombed, can convince you to give it up and try something else. Just don’t listen to those people, no matter how sincere they are and no matter how much you may like and respect them. Remember, any one can fail. That’s why there are no books on how to do it, yet the people who right books on success and positive thinking are wealthy beyond belief because they are unique. I know that sounds crazy, but it is true. Heck, you might say I have succeeded to the degree I have in part because I am optimistic and positive and people need to hear those things. Most are not born with it, most are not self-starters.”

That’s from a very long email written to me on Oct. 9, 2001 right after Rush announced he had lost hearing in both ears.  He has been an incredible mentor and more gracious towards me than I could possibly return.

It’s important to note that ALL of my family has been incredibly supportive.  I receive texts of encouragement from uncles, cousins, my brother, calls from mom, dad and my grandparents.  NY Times best-selling author David Limbaugh has often promoted my videos through his vast reach on social media.  Most of all, my folks have been there for me.  Regardless of what famous person(s) may be in the family, I wouldn’t be able to do it without mom and dad.

Thanks family!  Love you all.  (…and I’ll see many of you at my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary this month!)

Featured on the Rush Limbaugh program.

Featured on the Rush Limbaugh program.


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  1. Stephanie Olson says:

    You are a tremendous talent and have brought Joy to all who have visited your website (thanks to Rush) and been graced with your musical interpretation and performances. Thank you!! I am looking forward to more videos, and an undoubtably long, and very successful musical career.

  2. Rosalie says:

    Can’t wait to show my lefty piano teacher the Limbaugh pianist!

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