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NEW! Star-Spangled Banner avail on iTunes

The rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner I did for Hillary’s America is now available on iTunes. It features a 74-piece orchestra, 100-voice choir, tenor soloist, child soloist, and cannons. It incorporates addition stanzas of the original poem by F. Scott Key not normally performed when you hear it at the ballgames.

Please buy it and send it to Colin Kaepernick!

Composer: Francis Scott Key / John Stafford Smith / Arr. Stephen Limbaugh
Orchestra: Nashville Scoring Orchestra & Choir
Tenor Soloist: Todd Barnhill
Child Soloist: Sophia Cox
Studio: Ocean Way, Nashville TN
Producer: Stephen Limbaugh
Engineer: Dennis Sands
Assistant Engineer: Nick Spezia
Mixer: Dennis Sands / Jose Alcantar
Mastering: Becker Mastering
Conductor: John Beal

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