The Greatest Pianist in the World!

My video went viral!

So, columnists and NY Times best-selling authors David Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin both tweeted my latest video!  That’s awesome news because they directed me over 100 THOUSAND hits in just two days!




They have a combined Twitter and Facebook following of over a million people.  So that was VERY nice of them.

But the fact is, the video IS awesome, so it makes sense that they would post it.  Really though, my sincerest thanks to them.

You may view the video here:



4 Responses

  1. Mary Ann Kellerman says:


  2. d hodgson says:

    outrageous! the spirit is in you.

  3. Wes LeMarble says:

    I watched this on rush this afternoon, you are an amazing musician! Keep up the good work and videos!

  4. Rosey Carol says:

    You attack the piano in a very Horowitz style! Looking forward to the T&V. Also like the biceps and smile at the end!

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