The Greatest Pianist in the World!

Explanation of putting a dog in my video

I feel like the controversy in recent days has grown a bit out of control.  I feel it is my duty as an artist to constantly push the bounds of society, for that is a critical way in which we see true cultural progress.

Yesterday, I released a video that featured a puppy playing a piano.  This has upset many cat followers, who feel betrayed.

Even on this website now, you see nothing but cats, with the occasional llama or sloth thrown in for good measure. But it has always been an unsaid rule that you don’t mix cats and dogs.

This is NOT a betrayal of cats.  I’m part cat myself.  My great grandmother was a cat, a turkish angora who married a ragamuffin – an uncommon union for the aristocats of those times.  But those times are passed.

All I am doing is showing that cats and dogs can get along and make great art.  It’s obvious isn’t it?  The puppy did not miss any notes, and played with poise and grace.  You could hear the influence of the great Rubinstein in the phrasing!

Fellow cat people, watch the video again, only close your eyes.  Then tell me, what is the difference between the music made by this puppy and other cats.

It should be about the music, not our ancient prejudices.

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  1. Conshigirl says:

    Keep playing and you will be as famous as your cousin!

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