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Why did 10,000 people say I’m awesome?

This past week, I released my baby – a video of a composition I wrote that I knew would be immensely popular.  It garnered 10,000 hits in about 36 hours after it was released.  Titled 6 Variations on a Theme by AWOL Nation, it features some Horowitz-style bravura that even surprised my close friends who were […]

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National Anthem now available on iTunes!

My arrangement of the Star-Spangled Banner is now available on iTunes at this link:

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Rush Limbaugh features my video

The BIG VOICE in radio, and my dear cousin, Rush Limbaugh featured my National Anthem video Tuesday, July 9 during the first hour of his radio program. The video (see link below) features a G. W. Bush bobble head doll that, because of my bombastic playing falls off during the performance, hitting the keys on […]

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Daft Punk… with my nose.

I eluded in last week’s post that I’d be using a new synth I purchased via my friend Cameron Jaymes.  Well, it’s one thing to play Cat-Synth.  It’s another thing to play the piano and Cat-Synth at the same time using one’s nose. Boom.  Avocado.

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Moonlight Sonata

Honestly, who doesn’t make a recording of one of the most popular pieces of music in all of world history?  I promise I’ll get back to “shredding” the keys next week! (In fact, I asked my friend Cameron James if he had any recommendations for soft synths that had libraries of cat noises for a very special piece […]

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