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Sometimes in the recording studio…

Sometimes, when I’m in a recording session with a pop, rock, or urban producer who only does vocals or something, they make an attempt to sit down and “show me” the idea they’re going for…. this is how I see them:   h/t

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New video every week! Starting April 17.

So starting in mid-April, I will be filming and posting a new piano video every week on the Stephen Limbaugh YouTube Channel. These will probably be accompanied with a blog post on the happenings of the Stephen N. Limbaugh III musical world, like future tour dates, if I come across a new picture of a cat-llama, […]

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New video: Name That Tune 2

Traffic upside screwed trampler eumycetes on your nonimpressionableness. ¿Abernathy? Duh. So that’s why I decided to release a new Name That Tune video!!!  (excited) So here it is:     Answers below! STOP Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel by clicking here! …ok you can look at the answers now. . . . […]

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